To guarantee we continue to provide you with the finest luxury holiday in Italy, we have introduced Rome Guest Center Concierge. Every holiday and tour we design is created with the greatest attention and passion. Our concierge service, available in all the main Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence, allows us to take care of all the extra requests you may have.

Our luxury vacations don’t leave anything to chance. Every moment of your trip in Italy should be spent doing things that are relevant to you: visiting marvelous monuments; having dinner at stunning locations; relaxing in cozy resorts… This is what holidays are all about, and this is what we want you to spend your time on. When you travel with us, a comprehensive VIP treatment is expected and guaranteed. You are supposed to just enjoy your journey, and we will be in charge of managing all the extra activities that would burden your perfect holiday. Let us take care of all the benefits that complement your trip and make your stay unique.

The management service we offer at Rome Guest Center Concierge comprises personalized services and qualified staff to assist you 24/7. When you are visiting a country so rich in culture and events as Italy, you never know what can come up. Maybe you will discover a show you want to participate in. Your tickets may be only a phone call away, and we’ll be glad to make that call for you. When we find your tickets, they won’t be ordinary, either: you will receive deluxe seats to make the most of your favorite show. We will make membership-only clubs accessible to you easily, and our Italian culture experts will accompany you to exclusive events to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Our lifestyle management solutions simplify your tight schedules and reduce stress. We can arrange all kinds of requests, from standard services such as restaurant reservations, car hire and luxury sedan transfers to more challenging requests. We can suggest

  • a table for you at a never-seen-in-a-guidebook restaurant
  • customize a guided tour of the areas you want to discover – on foot or by chauffeured
  • introduce you to the Italian countryside just a short drive from Rome, Florence, Venice
  • send you on a private tour of monuments and local attractions.

Whatever your extra request is, we will have it fulfilled. Our team is made up of multilingual professionals who know Italy inside and out and that will take care of all the details of your holiday in Italy.

Our clients always come first. We are proud of providing solutions to your requests, no matter what they are. We can provide entertainment and baby sitters for your children while you enjoy a dinner on the Tuscany hills. Our knowledge of restaurants, clubs and locations comes from real, on-the-road experience which we have built over decades of contact with guests and local guides. Immediate feedback from all of our clients keeps us constantly updated on services and places to recommend.

Our luxury concierge service offers all the elements that really make a difference in your journey. A lot of companies can organize trips to Italy, but what we do at Moveolux is unique. We don’t just offer you event tickets, a superb hotel and some days of vacation. We boast over 30 years of experience in painstakingly designing high-end transfers and luxury trips to suit all kinds of demands. We work to make your experience in Italy really unforgettable.

In every journey you deserve efficiency and relax. All of your energies should be focused on your goals, such as a touristic itinerary or a business event. Our concierge professionals serve the purpose of relieving you from all the management and organizational minutiae that support your trip. We can handle holiday needs as well as work-related requirements. We can choose the fittest location for romantic night, or organize a photo shoot to remember your journey, and provide you with all the staff you need to guarantee its success.

An expert recruiter will personally make sure that the personnel we find for you fits your needs. Thanks to our decade-long experience and presence, we have selected the best professionals in every field. Every assistant we will assign to you is competent, reliable and an expert in his or her sector. Personal style consultants, knowledgeable guides, skilled concierge professionals that will take you to newly opened trendy clubs: these are only a tiny part of what our team can provide you with. For every necessity you may have, there will always be someone who can satisfy your request. With us there are no limits, and no cultural or language barrier either. If you want an interpreter for any business meeting or private lunch, our language experts will assist you at all times.

Rome Guest Center Concierge is your partner for all projects involving travel and event planning. We will take care of all your requisites with the utmost diligence and know-how. You can rest assured that the result will meet or even exceed your expectations with the highest standards of quality and luxury.

Traveling in Italy has never been so easy. Our job is to make your trip as easy and cozy for you as possible. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your trip.

All of our offerings can be customized to perfectly fit your needs. Just tell us your tastes and we will offer you the best.

Our concierge traveling services include:

  • VIP Meet&Greet assistants
  • Private tour guides
  • Personal assistants
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Baby sitters
  • Dog sitters
  • Culture experts
  • Photographers and make-up artists
  • Schedule planners
  • Event planners
  • Lifestyle managers

Even if you do not see what you need in the list above, do not hesitate to contact us. Our flexibility, our highly skilled personnel and our extensive network of partners allow us to meet any requirement with excellent quality.

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