Shipping & Luggage Delivery
all over the World

At Rome Guest Center we know that your textbooks, computers, clothes, souvenirs and other personal items can literally weigh a tonne. All airlines strictly enforce the amount of checked baggage and carry-on luggage you can travel with internationally these days. All baggage in excess of your ‘free’ baggage allowance will incur additional charges. Don’t get stuck at the airport having to pay the airline’s excess baggage charges – use Rome Guest Center, the excess baggage specialists!

At Rome Guest Center, we’ve taken the pain and stress out of sending your unaccompanied baggage around the World. There are no ‘check in’ queues, no ‘oversize’ restrictions, no unexpected charges, or last minute repacking of your suitcase at the airport check in counter. We can even pick up your excess luggage straight from your door.

Rome Guest Center saves you time, effort and money.

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