Program of Rome’s Outdoor Festival

The Outdoor Festival – Italy’s biggest festival dedicated to metropolitan culture – makes a comeback to the Eternal City with its 8th edition. In collaboration with the Nufactory creative agency,  the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, the Spanish, French, and Norwegian embassies, the Austrian Cultural Forum, and with the support of the Comune di Rome, this year the festival’s central theme is “Heritage“.  Through artistic disciplines, the festival tacklesquestions regarding our society, culture, heritage and future generations.

An event divided into Art, Music, Conferences, Television and a new Market Area to live in an immersive journey inside the Mattatoio Testaccio.  A rich program of cultural events including movies every Sunday, four conferences, and a Vintage Market. DJ-sets and concerts round out the festival.

The Music Line-Up

The music section alternates an engaging dancefloor with in-depth moments to get in direct contact with some local and national artists. The line up of the festival explores the European heritage of electronic music on a journey that goes from techno to house, and from disco to hip-hop and trap.

On one side, a temporary club where music and visual blend together to offer a unique live experience, and on the other the recording studio of Red Bull Music, a center for the production of unpublished contents and collaborations between musicians of various genres. The idea of ​​”artistic residency” during the Outdoor Festival is to tell the most interesting Roman musical realities and enter the scene to create new projects including recordings sessions, audiovisual formats, live performances, workshops, lectures and interviews. The study will therefore not only be a tool, but also a real creative place to develop different activities.

And to lighten up our Saturdays, an amazing temporary club where famous musical headliners will create a unique live experience.  After 8 years, Booka Shade, the Berlin duo who holds the strings on European electronic music makes a comeback to Italy! Here’s the complete line-up of the 5 Saturdays:

14 April: Opening Party
Booka Shade (live) + Alec & Jason K

21 April: Female Night
Anja Schneider + Francesca Lombardo + Erica.Me

25 April
Buenoventura (Elektro Guzzi side project – live)

28 April: Electronic Night
Digitalism + Alec & Jason K

5 May
Purple Disco Machine + + Mari Ka + Alec & Jason K

12 May: Closing Party
Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher: Cut Killer + Baro & Stile + Lady Coco + Marco G. & Mr. Kite + Borgioli

The Art Pavilion

The Art pavilion, curated by Antonella Di Lullo and Christian Omodeo, develops in an engaging, interactive and playful way: the Orizzontale group of architects has created a Great Labyrinth that will place the spectator at the center of the exhibition, with the possibility to choose his/her own experience among the 3 proposed routes.

The artists inside the Great Labyrinth are: the Berlin Kidz, crew of young German writers who live graffiti as an extreme sport and ho have transformed the Berlin skyline with an alphabet inspired by the Brazilian pixaçao and the runic alphabet; Biancoshock, an Italian artist who produces ironic urban installations that invite visitors to reflect on the problems of our society; Paolo Buggiani, who began working on the streets of NYC in the late ’70s, crossing artists such as Keith Haring, Richard Hambleton and Ken Hiratsuk; Tony Cheung, a Chinese illustrator who puts at the center of his works the strong contradictions between the ancient culture and modern society of his country; Leonardo Crudi, a Roman artist who creates a visual short circuit between the aesthetics of the past and present through posters scattered around the streets of Rome, inspired by main historical avant-garde events. But that’s not it, more street artists populate the Great Labyrinth including: Kid Acne, an English street artist that makes words the main object of his art, such as the words Paint over the cracks created in occasion of the Outdoor 2011; Madame, an icon of Parisian Street Art of the last decade, inserts strong references to graphics of the 19th and early 20th century in her urban collages; Sam 3, the internationally renowned artist for his large anthropomorphic black figures that appear on the walls of major cities, has recently ventured into video experimentation in stop motion. Other big names include Ricky Powell, one of the great names of street photography, MotorefisicoQuiet ensemble, Scorpion Dagger, Mathieu Tremblin, Uno, and  Wasted Rita, the Portuguese artist known for his satirical designs and installations that offer a privileged point of observation on contemporary society, also known for having participated in the project created by Banksy: Dismaland.

The Television Section

The TV section, created in collaboration with Rai, takes a look at the Italian television heritage through projections and talks divided into 4 Sunday meet-ups.

Each projection, dedicated to entertainment, science, culture, sports and tv series, opens with an initial meeting with the protagonists of Italian television. The aim is to show a part of Italian history and return it to an audience that has already seen those programs “live”, as well as to give something to the next generation.

The Conference Section

In partnership with Google Arts and Culture, the Outdoor Festival exclusively presents to the audience of the festival Stories – a project to digitize the intangible and oral heritage of Rome, developed by The Fake Factory studio specialized in video art projects. An inquiry on the cultural and collective identity of some suburban districts of Rome, to give them to the present and future generations. 360° VR videos guide the spectator on an emotional journey into the non-central neighbourhoods of the city, enriched by the contribution of Amir Issa – Roman rapper and writer – who tells his story and everyday life. At the same time a photographic narrative of the suburbs is presented by Rub Kandy, Niccolò Beretta, Guido Gazzilli and Mirko Pierri.

The Market Area

And last but not least, in partnership with Wave Market, inside the spaces of the Festival, a market area is recreated, reproducing a small corner of the city that promotes the culture of artisanal making.

This area is a real fair of handmade goods that each week introduces a new theme: artisanal and design, vintage, street wear, editorial and illustrations. The food area is in collaboration with Foodora while the beverage section has been entrusted to the best bartenders of the city.

14 April – 12 May 

Mattatoio Testaccio

Largo O.Giustiniani


Saturday: 9.30pm – 4am

Entry fee: €15 (includes entry to exhibit till 12am)


Tuesday – Friday: 2pm – 6pm

Entry fee: €6-8

Friday: 6pm – 12am

Saturday: 12pm – 2am

Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

Entry fee: €8 -€10

*excluding entry to TALK

*excluding entry to MUSIC

Exhibit + Talks

Friday: 9pm – 11pm

Entry fee: €10 – €12


Friday: 6pm – 10pm

Saturday: 12pm – 10pm

Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

*Entry with weekend Exhibit ticket



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